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Welcome to the RASC Edmonton Centre.

The Edmonton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada exists to promote the advancement of astronomy and allied sciences as well as to increase public awareness of astronomy as an enjoyable hobby and as an important scientific endeavor.
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Upcoming Events

Nov 10, 2014
RASC Regular Meeting
TELUS World of Science

FREE and open to the public.

7:00 PM Pre-meeting mix and mingle.

7:30 PM Guest Speaker
Dr. Erik Rosolowsky

Physics Department
University of Alberta

The Search for Intelligent Life in a Hostile Universe

Evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations would be one of the largest discoveries astronomy could make. In this talk, Erik Rosolowsky will present some of the considerations that go into the ongoing search for other intelligent life. The subject provides a frame narrative for introducing some of the major advancements in modern astrophysics, including a modern view of star and planet formation, element enrichment from stellar evolution, and the future of radio astronomy. Erik will discuss how these topics shape our guesses as to whether there is other intelligent life in the universe and how we should best search for it.

Dr. Erik Rosolowsky's research program focuses on understanding the connections between stellar generations in galaxies. He seeks a broad understanding how matter gets recycled in the universe, from when stars die and that material mixed into the interstellar medium to where the matter forms into another generation of stars. He regards that as the biggest missing link in understanding the evolution of the universe and the life within it. His research uses observational data, mostly from radio and submillimetre telescopes coupled with novel algorithmic approaches to reach new discoveries.

Feb 20-21, 2015
RASC Edmonton Centre Casino

The RASC Edmonton Centre is having another casino Fri-Sat, Feb 20-21, 2015. This is our Centre's largest source of revenue which maintains a large part of our operational and outreach budgets, lets us purchase astronomical equipment and undertake innovative projects that bring astronomy to the general public, and helps bring fabulous speakers to Edmonton. Please help out by volunteering for a shift - it's fairly easy work and you get fed quite nicely.

Download the Casino Volunteer Worker Application or get one at a Regular Meeting, fill it out and give it to Peter Hall at a Regular Meeting. If you have questions, email