Northern Prairie Star Party


Presented by the RASC Edmonton Centre

Northern Prairie Dark Sky Weekend, 2021

The 2021 Northern Prairie Dark Sky Weekend dates are:
Tuesday, September 7 to Saturday, September 11.

Update June 22, 2021
We have already heard from many members interested in using one of the RV/camping sites in the northern part of Black Nugget Lake Campground that RASC Edmonton Centre has reserved for dark sky viewing, as outlined in the May 2021 Stardust newsletter. The good news is that with the opening up of more camping sites as part of Stage 3, both powered and non-powered sites are still available for the reserved dates. If you are interested in using one of the sites, please email the Northern Prairie RASC Dark Sky Weekend coordinators Susan and Rick Bramm indicating the dates and site preference. We will allocate them on a first-come, first-served basis and follow up with you regarding payment.

Given a number of factors, the 2021 Northern Prairie Star Party (NPSP) has evolved into a dark-sky viewing event for RASC members with small, informal sessions. Like many other RASC events across the country, this year we will not have invited speakers presenting in a large tent or have a large BBQ. Instead, we are going to have small, member-lead sessions on a wide variety of topics, according to the COVID-19 restrictions of the day (if there are any). We are going to make the best of the outdoor situation, opting for open air gatherings.

So, with that in mind, we are looking for members who would be able and willing to “host” a small gathering on one or more topics, short or longer in length. Then we will put together a rough onsite schedule and let you know.

  • What do you think you would/could talk about? Something new you have made or done? Some research on a topic that really interests you? The sky is the limit (pardon the pun).
  • Or, what would you like to hear about or who would you like to hear from?

Please email your feedback, suggestions and offers to make this a fun and enriching time together to the Northern Prairie RASC Dark Sky Weekend coordinators Susan and Rick Bramm.

If you need more information or have questions, please email the Northern Prairie RASC Dark Sky Weekend coordinators Susan and Rick Bramm.

Important Information

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Join us for an unforgettable autumn weekend under the stars at the annual Northern Prairie Star Party at Black Nugget Lake Campground. Bring your telescope and your sense of wonder for stargazing under seriously dark skies (Bortle Scale 3).

Daytime activities abound – the site is located on a major fall migration flyway and offers exceptional birding opportunities. Lake shore campsites are available, with canoeing and fishing at your doorstep.

While bright lights of any kind are not allowed after dark in the star party area, since they immediately destroy fellow astronomers’ dark adaptation, a separate location is available for campers wanting to use bright lights at night.

Access to the site is entirely by paved road about an hour from Edmonton, making this an easy way to join fellow amateur astronomers for some autumn observing at a convenient dark sky site.

It is highly recommended that star party attendees reserve a campground site as soon as possible (starting May 1) by calling the campground operator at 780-663-2421 and stating that they are with Northern Prairie Star Party.

For further information please contact Rick Bramm.

Future NPSP Dates:
Sep 7 – 11, 2021
Sep 20 – 25, 2022