2022 Regular
Jan 10 24 5 12 19 26
Feb 14 28 2 9 16 23
Mar 14 28 2 9 16 AI 30
Apr 11 25 6 13 20 27
May 9 30* 4 11 25
Jun 13 1 8 15 AI 22
Jul 6 13 20
Aug 31 10 17
Sep 12 26 14 9,21 28
Oct 17* 24 5 12 19 AI 26
Nov 14 28 30 9 16 23
Dec 12 14 21 AI

* This date differs from the normal pattern.
AI Astroimaging Community Café

Note: All meetings are online until further notice.

Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings are free and open to the public.

The RASC Edmonton Centre meets on the second Monday of each month, from September to June (if the second Monday is a holiday, then the meeting is on the third Monday). Meetings are held online in the Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre at the TELUS World of Science – Edmonton, 11211 – 142 Street, Edmonton. Meetings start at 19:30 and are typically two hours long. If anyone wants time on the agenda, please email the President.

Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held online in room 5-003 in the CCIS Building at the University of Alberta. Council Meetings start at 19:15. Any Centre member is welcome to attend these meetings.

Wednesday Meeting Series

The Wednesday Meeting Series consists of events focused on various aspects of astronomy, repeating on a monthly schedule on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday of the month. Currently these events are held online but will eventually be held in the Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium. These events start at 19:30.

What’s up over Edmonton? (1st Wednesday)

Presented by Geoff Robertson, this series gives an overview of what can be seen in Edmonton skies this month, with a little space history for dessert. The first part deals with the evening sky as that is what most people typically deal with. What planets can you see? What are the prominent constellations or asterisms? Are there any special events happening that month, e.g., meteor shower or comet? From there the focus shifts to the morning sky. Again what planets, constellations etc. Interspaced with this sky tour is information on the objects one can see. The second part would highlight some history of space exploration/astronomy: It happened this Month in Space.

Observers Group (2nd Wednesday)

This is a monthly get together, hosted by Jon Stolte, of members to discuss all aspects of astronomical observing.

Astro Café (3rd Wednesday)

Astro Café is a series of presentations and workshops on observing, astroimaging, and equipment. Each Café features a short presentation by one or more members on a topic to stimulate discussion and learning. Luca Vanzella organizes some Cafés like the regular features How to Use a Telescope, How to Buy a Telescope, Astronomy Swap Meet, Photographing a Full Moonrise.

Several times a year, Arnold Rivera hosts Astroimaging Cafés that focus on imaging equipment, data acquisition, and processing. These are marked AI in the calendar above.

Some Cafés are open to the public but mostly the Astro Café series is a member benefit. See the list of past and upcoming Astro Cafés here.

Introduction to Stargazing and the Universe (4th Wednesday)

Would you like to know more about the night sky and what we can see? Alister Ling and Berta Beltran welcome you to join him once a month for a low intensity 30 minute presentation followed by Q&A. It’s OK if you missed the previous session as they’re mostly self-contained. As Earth completes a near circle around the Sun, Alister covers a range of topics that will help you earn the RASC Explore the Universe certificate. These include:

    • Finding your way around the sky
    • Moon, Sun, and planet cycles
    • Explore the Universe Certificate
    • Eyes, binoculars, telescope basics
    • Star clusters, craters on the Moon, comets
    • Rings of Saturn, Jupiter’s clouds and moons
    • Using the wonderful RASC Observer’s Handbook