Donations to RASC Edmonton Centre

Thinking of donating a telescope, related equipment, or money to the RASC Edmonton Centre?

We accept donations of telescopes or other related equipment IF we deem it suitable for our programs. These programs include, but are not limited to: telescope loaner program, gifting to schools and other educational programs, use in our outreach and observing programs, or simply salvaging equipment for parts.

If you have an equipment donation that you would like us to consider, please contact the Equipment Director to review the equipment and determine its suitability for our programs. Generally speaking, the equipment should be of good quality and in good condition. Please note that we cannot offer a guarantee about how your equipment donation may be used. Also, we cannot consider buying such equipment or selling it on your behalf.

For equipment donations valued at $500 or more (fair market value) we will issue a tax receipt.

If you have a money donation, please contact the Treasurer. While any money donation is greatly appreciated, only donations of $100 or more will have a tax receipt issued.