RASC Regular Meeting September 10, 2018, Black Holes Don’t Suck

RASC Regular Meeting
TELUS World of Science – Zeidler Dome
FREE and open to the public.

7:00 PM Meet and Greet

7:30 PM Guest Speaker

Dr. Aarran Shaw
Black Holes Don’t Suck!

Colour composite image of Centaurus A.
Credit: ESO/NASA

Often portrayed as cosmic vacuum cleaners that ensnare everything that dares come close, black holes represent the ultimate end, in both science fact and science fiction. First theorized in the early 20th century, black holes have fascinated astronomers for the last 100 years. I will discuss the history of these systems, from the accidental discovery of Sagittarius A* at the centre of our Galaxy by Karl Jansky in the 1930s, to the violent accretion events occurring in X-ray binary systems and active galactic nuclei. I will show you that, contrary to popular belief, black holes don’t suck!


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Northern Prairie Star Party 2018
September 4 – 9, 2018
Black Nugget Lake

The fifteenth annual Northern Prairie Star Party will be held at the Black Nugget Lake campground south east of Tofield from September 4 to 9, 2018. Most of our group activities will occur on Friday, September 7 and Saturday, September 8.

Saturday Afternoon Program (September 8)

1:45 Starting with a 32-inch mirror
Roman Unyk

2:45 The origin of gold and other very heavy elements in the Universe
Rodrigo Fernandez

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Public Talk, September 2, 2018, Cosmos and Canvas

Cosmos and Canvas: Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images

Dr. Jayanne English

Astotin Lake Ampitheatre

Elk Island National Park

FREE PUBLIC TALK at Milky Way Day Star Party

Time: 8pm

Seyfert Sextet Galaxy Group
NASA data/J. Charlton’s Research Project

Bold colour images from telescopes act as extraordinary ambassadors for astronomers

because they pique the public’s curiosity. But are they snapshots documenting physical
reality?  Or are we looking at artistic spacescapes created by digitally manipulating
astronomy images? This lecture provides a tour of how original black and white data from the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as current cutting-edge observatories, are converted into striking colour images. It illuminates how practices from the art world are used to produce media friendly images which still retain scientific value.

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Sep 2, 2018
Milky Way Day
13th Annual Celebration of the Night Sky

Milky Way Day
Elk Island National Park

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM * 8:00 PM – Late

Bring a red-light headlamp or flashlight for better night sky viewing! No white lights, please.

Click Poster for the Event Schedule.


Presented by:

Parks Canada

Alberta Parks

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Edmonton Centre

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Travel Alberta