The Lamplighter Memorial Library – Policies

Non-Circulating Material Policy

Non-Circulating Defined: Material with a high cost replacement; has significant historical value; has a unique autograph; is a classic or landmark edition; is a limited edition; or is otherwise designated by the Council as not available for circulation to members.

  • Non-Circulating material is identified as such on its index card, and a unique library shelf location.
  • Members have access to all non-circulating material during regular monthly meetings.

Acquisition Policy

Any member may recommend purchase of a new acquisition, or simply contribute material. Material recommended for acquisition should:

  • not be available in area libraries,
  • not duplicate Lamplighter material with similar content,
  • not exceed annual acquisition budget,
  • be assessed as value adding by a member with subject matter expertise Lamplighter.

Disposal Policy

Library materials will annually be recommended for disposed when:

  • not designated as non-circulating, or
  • physical condition is poor, or
  • has not been borrowed in past 10 years, or
  • is superseded by new and/or revised editions

Recommendation of items for disposal is made annually to Council. Disposal methods include (in priority):

  • first come, first serve free offer to members (advertise in Stardust and/or give away table at meeting)
  • offered to other RASC libraries
  • donated to charities such as Books to Prisoners
  • sent to the Edmonton paper recycle program Librarian

Librarian Roles & Responsibilities

  • Appointed volunteer with a minimum 2 year commitment.
  • Maintain 3 key sets (Librarian, Backup Librarian, spare kept in index card box)
  • Identify a backup librarian for coverage as required.
  • Normal librarian responsibilities include:
    • Attend library as scheduled & document borrowing/return of materials by name, contact #, and date.
    • Provide members overdue reminders on borrowed material.
    • Provide a secure facility with material filed by classification.
    • Enter new and disposed of material in the index card inventory.
    • Recommend materials for non-circulating classification.
    • Conduct annual audit of library materials, identifying items for disposal and report results to Council who will authorize further actions.
    • Report at Annual General Meeting acquisitions, disposals and other information of interest to the membership.

Policies last updated: October 7, 2011

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