Awards for 2009
Observer of the Year Award
Sverrir Gudmundsson

This individual came to Edmonton for the summer and during that time, he has been very enthusiastic and very active participant in everything he could try. He has spent countless hours at the Observatory and made friends with many people in club very quickly. Although his time here was short, he did a presentation on observing in Iceland at a club meeting as well as doing a presentation at the Northern Prairie Star Party this past summer. He has since returned to Iceland, but in honour of his enthusiasm, I am awarding the Observer of the Year Award to Sverrir Gudmundsson. Unfortunately, Sverrir could not make it to this meeting tonight, so his plaque will be mailed to him.

Awards for 2008
Observer of the Year Award
Jnani Cevvel

2008_observer_of_the_yearThis year’s Observer of the Year is what can only be described as “dedicated”. He is a regular fixture at Blackfoot, working on his many observing projects. I had the honour of presenting him the Finest NGC Certificate in 2007, and in the past year he has completed 4 other certificates and is currently working on 4 others. The clincher for me, however, in considering him for this award was this e-mail that he posted to the astro list on December 21, 2008 (while most of us were either staying snug in our homes or preparing for Christmas:

“I got to Blkft. last night (Sat.) at 6pm. Humidity 35%, Temp -28C, no wind. Set up the tripod and 15×70 bino’s. Seeing 4/5 good. Transparency 3/5 average. Logged 8 Messier Bino objects. M33 was impressive. I was not successful with M77. Transparency went down hill and by 10pm was below average. Humidity did not change but the temp was at -30C. Left at 10:30pm.”

With this kind of dedication, there should be no doubt that Jnani Cevvel deserves the Observer of the Year award.

Past Award Recipients
Observer of the Year Award
1979 to Present

The Observer of the Year Award was first awarded in 1979.

  • 2019 Bruce McCurdy
  • 2018 Janey Yu
  • 2017 Larry Wood
  • 2016 Warren Finlay
  • 2015 Mike Noble
  • 2014 Jay Lavender
  • 2013 Mark Zalcik
  • 2012 Mike Noble
  • 2011 Mike Noble
  • 2010 Patrick Heinz
  • 2009 Sverrir Gudmundsson
  • 2008 Jnani Cevvel
  • 2007 Alister Ling
  • 2006 Andrew Soon
  • 2005 Paul Campbell
  • 2004 Pat Abbott
  • 2003 Sherry McLeod
  • 2002 Paul Campbell
  • 2001 Pat Abbott
  • 2000 Not Awarded
  • 1999 Not Awarded
  • 1998 Bruce McCurdy
  • 1997 Denis Boucher
  • 1996 Larry Wood
  • 1995 Roger Fell
  • 1994 Observatory Volunteers
  • 1993 Russ Sampson
  • 1992 David Goldingay
  • 1990 Dave Clyburn
  • 1988 Russ Sampson
  • 1983 Robert Stephens
  • 1980 Andrew Lowe
  • 1979 David Holmgren