Awards for 2009
Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year
Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Search Teams

2009_project_of_the_year This project for the year came out of the blue, quite literally. On November 20th, 2008, a meteor was seen streaking through the night sky in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and even North Dakota. It eventually fell near the village of Marsden, Saskatchewan. It didn’t take long for members of our club to join the hunt for a piece of history and soon everyone was swapping stories of their meteorite find. Many of the volunteers dedicated hours to the search, many returning to the site several times for days or weekends, between November 2008 and spring planting in 2009. It is this dedication in the pursuit of science that gives me great pleasure in presenting the Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year to the Buzzard Coulee Meteorite Search Teams, consisting of: Dale Nosko, Mike Noble, Alister Ling, Mark Zalcik, Bruce McCurdy, Franklin Loehde, Frank Florian, Doug Hube, Murray Paulson, Brad Newman, and Jen Newman.
Although they are not members of the RASC, a special mention should also be made to the following people that participated in the search as well: Sean Paulson, Dan Paulson, Connor Paulson, Joanne Osbourne-Paulson, Elizabeth Ling, Luc & Joan Guillemette, and Brian Moore.