Awards for 2014
President’s Award for Service to the Centre
Franklin Loehde

2014 President's Service Award - Franklin LoehdeI’m not sure I can say anything we don’t already know about this guy…he’s always around, seemingly at every meeting, every event, everywhere…every time and all of the time…and has been for a very LONG time. Franklin has done everything for the Centre…a multitude of positions, 2 times President, National President, and I think most lengthy and recently, the Fundraising Coordinator since the early 1990s. Franklin has decided to ‘retire’ from Council after many decades effective this month. His knowledge and experience will be missed but hey…I know all 5 of his email addresses and at least 2 different phone numbers…and he’s never far from that damn iphone, so he’s really just a phone call away! He will be around on the QEP committee still, so I’ll still get the chance to rib him about being overly conservative! That said…I have the pleasure of presenting the President’s award for Service to the Centre for 2014 and a hell of a long time prior to that!

Awards for 2014
Observer of the Year Award
Jay Lavender

2014 Observer of the Year - Jay LavenderHe’s one of those guys who has all the time in the world…as long as he doesn’t have to leave the house—or so it seems. His most common mode of observing gives him somewhat better chances of attaining success only having to look at one target during the day. His shots of the sun have successively improved, each showing more of the fine structure. Beyond that he also gets out in the night at many events, to show the wonders of the sky to passers-by. More than just a one trick pony! So, it is my pleasure to award the Observer of the Year for 2014 to Jay Lavender.

Awards for 2014
George Moores Memorial Award for
Excellence in Public Education
Linda Mahoney & Clayton Knoll

2014 George Moores Education - Linda Mahoney, Clayton KnollWe’ve had a number of people stand out in this category over the last year but my mind eventually came to rest on two people that have done substantial work in organizing and/or getting out to many events. These two people stand as great examples of the RASC fulfilling the public education portion of its mandate. Whether it’s an event in the city, just outside of town, or well outside of town, they had their hands up many times to either join or be the lead at the event. It is for these efforts that I award the George Moores Memorial award for Public Education to two deserving members, Linda Mahoney and Clayton Knoll.

Awards for 2014
Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year
Luca Vanzella

2014 Franklin Loehde Project - Luca VanzellaThis was the easiest award to figure out this year. The persevering effort behind this task was nothing short of fabulous. Given the amount of time we’ve spent either face to face or on the phone together over the past couple years, I’m not sure how he had time to do it…but then he is semi-retired (or so it seems), so that gives one all kinds of time….right? In any case, his analemma is a great accomplishment and I am happy to present the Franklin Loehde award for project of the year award to Luca Vanzella.