Awards for 2013
Observer of the Year Award
Mark Zalcik

2013_observerWe don’t have an observer of the decade award to which he could easily be up for. He runs the noctilucent cloud CanAm network and just last year was recognized for having done so for 25 years. The endless barrage of emails we get on Astro always has me standing out on the balcony or roof and has many others reporting in on their sightings. In fact, a quick search on the web for NLCs had his name in 6 of the first 10 results. Just goes to show what these efforts get you!

Awards 2013
Bryce Heartwell Memorial Award for Excellence in Astroimaging
Warren Finlay

2013_astroimagingWarren is a relative newcomer to astrophotography and has made great strides in his processes and knowledge within. As most of us have seen, his shots show great detail not only of often broken down foregrounds but also the night sky. Warren spends many hours driving and scouting locations, bounding through the snow and being chased by dogs. And the most valuable thing, time, he told me recently, if you don’t sleep as much, you have a lot more time to get things done. Indeed, he is getting things done.

Awards 2013
George Moores Memorial Award for
Excellence in Public Education
Dave Roles

He is one of the “old timers” in the Centre, having been around since shortly after I was born, His enthusiasm is obvious. Each month he rakes through all the noise on the web and pulls out many interesting items for review at our meetings. While some of us have seen some of the stories, there are many others who benefit from the astronomical tidbits he presents, and it’s for this effort that he is being recognized.

Awards 2013
Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year
Light Pollution Abatement Committee

Bruce McCurdy, Dave Robinson, Sherrilyn Jahrig & Doug Hube

2013_projectThe efforts of the Light Pollution Abatement Committee, over the last number of years, started with meeting after meeting with the City, numerous discussions held at Centre meetings and many more over juice, coffee, and beer with other stakeholders. Many presentations and points were made with generally good reception from the audience. All this time and effort culminated in the City of Edmonton Transportation Committee finally passing the new city lighting policy last summer. As you may have seen in many neighbourhoods around town, new lighting is being installed and slowly this will make a difference.