George Moores’ Astronomy Workshop

The George Moores’ Astronomy Workshop is an occasional astronomy retreat hosted by the RASC Edmonton Centre. The workshop is open to Centre members and to anyone else wishing to attend. The Centre typically books a school or scout camp somewhere outside of city limits to take advantage of the dark skies. The event is usually fully catered; all that attendees have to bring is their bedding, warm clothes and their telescope or binoculars. If attendees do not own a telescope nor binoculars, they are still warmly welcome to attend. Centre members attending the workshop usually have their own equipment and are more than happy to share the wonders of the night sky. The workshop usually features a high profile guest speaker as well as local talent from our Centre to assist attendees in learning about astronomy.

The last George Moore’s Astronomy Workshop was held in 2009 at Camp Maskepetoon. Stephen James O’Meara was the featured guest speaker.