Garage Sale/Swap Tables – Sat Apr 20, 2024

We’re clearing out the storage locker of older/less used astro-gear. Got some to sell? Public involvement welcome. Contact Alister at and I’ll put it on the list below. Saturday Apr 20, noon-4pm. Windsor Park Community Hall.

I’ve been told some folk will be bringing smaller items too many to list, including meteorites, so c’mon down to look and buy. Except for private sales, proceeds go to the Centre for programming.

Canon 6D mark ii (with box) $750 – bring an SD card and lens if you need to check it first.
LowePro wheeled luggage totes: (info to come)
Kendrick solar filter 6006-C $50 fits 120-130mm outer hood
Hotech laser collimator SCA-2C $100
Televue Paracorr Tunable Top PTT-2002 $80
Tectron Sight-tube and Cheshire $50
Canon LP-E6 batteries (not knock-offs) $30
Canon TC-80N3 timer remotes $20
Canon BG-E21 battery grip for 6D (no a knock-off) $70
Manfrotto 405 geared head $650, Manfrotto 410 geared head $200,
Manfrotto MHXPRO-3W tripod head $180.
Manfrotto 035 super clamp $30
Manfrotto pixi mini-tripod $30
Manfrotto quick release hex plate: $15
Wheeled Hard Plastic Tote Bin $15
4-inch rings: $25 [$64 retail]
5-inch rings: $30 [ $60 retail]
7-inch rings: $40 [ $70 retail]
Lumicon 1.25-in Hbeta nebula filter: $50
Refractor dew shield 101mm threads. $5
JMI Motofocus control box (Hi-Med-Lo): $40
C8 motofocus motor (no controller): $10 can be used with the above
Telrad + base (not used) : $50 (new $80)
Telrad base (not used) : $10 (new $18)
Losmandy mini clamp (inner 2.25x3wide-in): $25
Big dovetail plate 4×18.5-inch (black) for C9.25: $80
Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM (white square): $150 [ebay $200]
Bahtinov mask Kendrick 86-148mm: $15 (retail $30)
Bahtinov mask Kendrick BM-6007 112-196mm: $15 (retail $30)
Celestron holster (orange) for controller, velcro leg-wrap: $15 (retail $25)
4-3/4-in inner diam metal tube ring with screw: $5 [single, not pair]
Canon EOS T-ring + 2-in barrel: $10 (retail $25)
T-adapter 42mm to 1.25-barrel (minus T-ring): $5
Canon EOS T-ring: $5 (retail $15)
Celestron Deluxe Tele-Extender #93643: $20 [$30 e-Bay]
Polar scope: $25 [ retail $70]
Mastercraft 45 piece Driver set: $10 (retail $25)
M11 threaded rod plus nut 26cm long: $10
Optex camera lens filter 1A 58mm: $5
Pentax K T-PK 42mm T-ring
unconventional SOLID metal 2-1.25 adapter
58mm skylight filter
Caps of various sizes, lenses, binocs, eyepieces – bring your gear to see if it fits.
Pentax threaded lens backend cap (3 of them)
Outside end cap 5.7-in 145mm
Inside end cap 4.8-in 123mm
Various empty eyepiece boxes and soft lens bags
Astronomy Monopoly board game

Backyard Astronomer’s Guide 3rd Ed : $10
Backyard Astronomer’s Guide 2nd Ed : $5

Free Books:
Signed by Roberta Bondar,Touching the Earth
3 vol Burnham’s Celestial Hanbook, hardcover
Atlas of the Night Sky, by Storm Dunlop
Skywatching, by David Levy
Seeing In The Dark, by Timothy Ferris
The Mind’s Sky, by Timothy Ferris
Acquainted with the Night, by C. Dewdney
Longitude, by Dava Sobel
All I Really Need to Know I learned from Star Trek, by Marinaccio
Godel-Escher-Bach by D. Hofstadter
Searching For Certainty by John L Casti

Astrotrak tracking platform plus heavy duty tripod and case. Original cost 20+ years ago was of order $1000. Reasonable offers over $100 will be considered. Call Doug at 780-264-1253

Super C8 fork (no tube), with power cords. $150