RASC Regular Meeting, November 13, 2023

Opening a New Window to the Stars: Black Nugget Lake Observatory AND “Deep Sky” a new IMAX Film

RASC Regular Meeting, Monday November 13, 2023

IMAX Theatre, TELUS World of Science Edmonton, 11211 142 St NW Edmonton

7:30 PM (MST), Meeting begins: Black Nugget Lake Observatory Documentary, Astroimaging Corner, Astro Music, and other regular features. 

7:30 PM  –  8:45 PM (MST) This is a hybrid meeting. You may attend in person, or join remotely using Zoom.

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8:45 PM (MST) In theatre only: IMAX film “Deep Sky” (no streaming over Zoom)

FREE and open to the public.


BNLO at night, photo by Warren Finlay

Opening a New Window to the Stars: Black Nugget Lake Observatory, A documentary film by Warren Finlay.
Warren Finlay’s film documentary about the backstory of Black Nugget Lake Observatory and its newly commissioned 32″ Unyk-Drew Telescope will be shown. This 22 minute video provides a capsule summary of the 10,000 volunteer hours and accompanying challenges that went into building Edmonton RASC’s one-of-a-kind telescope and facility.

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Deep Sky


Deep Sky (Will not be live streamed over Zoom)

Deep Sky brings the awe-inspiring images captured by NASA’s Webb Telescope to IMAX® — taking audiences on a journey to the beginning of time and space, to never-before-seen cosmic landscapes, and to recently discovered exoplanets, planets around other stars. Directed by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn and narrated by Oscar®-nominated actress Michelle Williams, Deep Sky follows the high-stakes global mission to build JWST and to launch it into orbit one-million miles from Earth, in an attempt to answer questions that have haunted us since the beginning of time: Where did we come from? How did the universe begin? Are we alone? 13 billion years in the making, Deep Sky reveals the universe as we have never seen it before; immersing audiences in the stunning pictures beamed back to earth by NASA’s new telescope — and capturing their vast beauty at a scale that can only be experienced on the giant IMAX screen.