In-Town-*gazing It’s a GO: Sat Oct 21

Sat Oct 21 7:30-10:30pm. Scope trouble? Bring it and we’ll get it working! Moon, double stars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pleiades.

General description:

Friday OR Saturday evenings. In-person! Learn how to observe, hands-on your gear, what things look like, how to find your way. It’s ok to not have a scope or binocs – please bring them if you do. We are looking forward to sharing scope time with any and all. Nothing formal, yet targeted to the beginner certificates. We can get wall-power from the observatory, and I will bring my booster battery that has a 3-prong outlet which should be enough for a few scopes. Beginner astro-imagers are welcome to join if you bring your own gear. We pick which Fri or Sat evening a couple of days ahead of time looking at the forecast, then cancel a few hours ahead if conditions do not look good.

Location: default is the Science Centre, drive up onto the lawn next to the observatory. We will always advertise if we gather at a different spot. Sometimes depends where an interesting event is in the sky. In winter we need to easily unload equipment. 

RASC Observatory at Telus World of Science Edmonton is open (weather permitting) for solar observing as well as evenings. Call ahead (780-452-9100 ext 2249) to confirm! Schedule is posted here:

Geoff Robertson’s what’s up for June:

Links to tools, charts, guides: