Member Talk at RASC Regular Meeting, September 11, 2023

RASC Member Talk: The Herschel 2500

Speaker: Warren Finlay

RASC Regular Meeting, Monday September 11, 2023

Zeidler Dome, TELUS World of Science Edmonton, 11211 142 St NW Edmonton

After the Break (Approximately 8:45pm): Warren Finlay – The Herschel 2500

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Warren Finlay: The Herschel 2500

Sir William Herschel, with the help of his sister Caroline, discovered 2500 deep sky objects more than 200 years ago. Since then, only a few astronomers have followed in Herschel’s footsteps and observed the full list of discovered objects. Warren Finlay will discuss what it takes and give some tips to complete the Herschel 2500 list.

Caroline Herschel recording her brother William’s observations on the night he discovered the planet Uranus. From: Astronomie populaire: description générale du ciels / Camille Flammarion (Paris, 1890)