RASC Regular Meeting, June 12, 2023

Building a large Neutrino Observatory in the Pacific Ocean

Guest Speaker: Carsten Krauss

RASC Regular Meeting, Monday June 12, 2023

Zeidler Dome, TELUS World of Science Edmonton, 11211 142 St NW Edmonton

7:30 PM (MT), Meeting begins, including guest talk, AstroImaging Corner, and other RASC features.

FREE and open to the public.

This is a hybrid meeting. You may attend in person, or join remotely using Zoom.

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Building a large Neutrino Observatory in the Pacific Ocean

Carsten Krauss, Department of Physics, University of Alberta

Diagram of the proposed Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment.

In the past 30 years neutrino observations around the world, and in Canada have taught us much about the world surrounding us – neutrinos allow to “view” the inside of our sun, they document the demise of massive stars and most recently they promise to allow the study of the highest energy phenomena in the universe. To enhance the capacity of existing high energy neutrino observatories in the Antarctic ice and in the ocean in Europe, we have started  work on a Canadian ocean based neutrino observatory about 300 km west of Victoria, B. C. in the deep Pacific Ocean. I will present how this underwater telescope will work and what we are hoping to uncover using it.



Carsten Krauss

Carsten Krauss received his PhD in Heidelberg, Germany in 2002, working on novel instrumentation for particle detection. Later he was a postdoc at Queen’s 2003, working on the SNO experiment and dark matter searches. He joined the University of Alberta as a professor in 2007  and works on dark matter searches and neutrino physics.







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