Astroimaging Café – Mar 15, 2023

Astroimaging Café

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Process the Dragons of Ara

Data from Paulyman Astro from YouTube in Australia

Google drive link to narrowband files:

Fits files also available upon request.

Tell us how you processed your image and what process software you used. A discussion and chance to ask questions will be available.

Even if you don’t want to process the image, come join to learn more about different ways to process a deep sky astrophoto.

Host: Richard Covey

Join Zoom Meeting. For link, email the:
Astroimaging Café coordinator

Astroimaging Café is a potluck of shorter and longer presentations by astroimagers for astroimagers! Do you enjoy taking and/or viewing pictures of the sky? Are you looking for some pointers to up your skill set or turn that “nice” shot into “calendar image!”? Maybe in the last couple of months you have 5 images, or made 4 time-lapses that are too much for the AstroImaging Corner at our Regular Meetings. Whether you take 4 minutes or want to share a 20 minute backstory for a specially composed a shot, or demo a technique others can benefit from, bring it to our community!

To participate: email the Astroimaging Café coordinator.