AstroImaging Community Café: June 15, 2022

AstroImaging Community Café

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

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Stefan Farkas: “Lucky” Solar Imaging:  Simple steps on imaging the Sun and processing solar images using AutoStakkert!, ImPPG and Photoshop.

Dave Mussell: Ultra-Efficient Image Sequences using NINA’s Advanced Sequencer (NINA=Nightime Imaging ‘N’ Astronomy):  Taking advantage of NINA’s Advanced Sequencer feature to build a target list to create an execution-ready sequence in advance of an imaging session

Extended group discussions to follow after all speakers have finished their presentations.

AstroImaging Community Café is a potluck of shorter and longer presentations by astroimagers for astroimagers! Do you enjoy taking and/or viewing pictures of the sky? Are you looking for some pointers to up your skill set or turn that “nice” shot into “calendar image!”? Maybe in the last couple of months you have 5 images, or made 4 time-lapses that are too much for the AstroImaging Corner at our Regular Meetings. Whether you take 4 minutes or want to share a 20 minute backstory for a specially composed a shot, or demo a technique others can benefit from, bring it to our community!

To participate: email the AstroImaging Community Café coordinator.