RASC Regular Meeting, April 11, 2022

A Brief Overview of Planet Formation and Planetary System Evolution

RASC Regular Meeting, Monday April 11, 2022

7:00 PM (MST), Meet and Greet

7:30 PM (MST), Meeting begins, including guest talk, News from Space, AstroImaging Corner, and other RASC features.

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Guest Speaker:

Dr. Aaron Boley

A Brief Overview of Planet Formation and Planetary System Evolution

Artist’s conceptualization of planet formation. Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA artwork by Lynette Cook.

Planet formation is a process that transforms specks of dust and ice into a multitude of planetary objects, ranging from asteroids to gas giant planets.  The building process is rich with instabilities, and employs a broad range of physical processes, such as grain coagulation, gas dynamics, gravitational interactions, and giant impacts. The Solar System is only one result of this process, and one for which our understanding is continuously evolving. Discoveries in exoplanets, planet-forming discs, and planetary dynamics demonstrates that the Galaxy is teeming with possibilities, which we have only begun to uncover.

Aaron Boley

Prof. Boley is a Canada Research Chair in Planetary Astronomy, the Co-Director of the Outer Space Institute, and an associate professor at the University of British Columbia. His research explores a wide range of topics, including planetary dynamics, astrophysical discs, meteoritics, artificial satellites, space sustainability, and space policy.  Before joining the faculty at UBC, Boley was a NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Florida and a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Zurich. 

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