Astro Café
Feb 16, 2022
RASC Visual Observing Certificates

Astro Café – RASC Visual Observing Certificates
Blake Nancarrow

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2022
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

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This month’s Astro Café features a primer on the RASC visual observing certificate programs.

Blake Nancarrow, of the RASC national Observing Committee, will talk about the various visual observing certificate programs available from RASC which members may pursue. People submitting completed applications with logs and/or annotated sketches are recognized for their efforts and RASC issues paper certificates suitable for framing (and pins where applicable). For people new to visual observing, Blake will also talk about how to locate, examine, and report your observations with suggestions for note-taking and sketching as well as how to apply. Blake will showcase the observing certificate website where more information can be found.

Brief Bio
A child of the space-race, Blake Nancarrow developed an early interest in science and astronomy. He bought his first telescope in 1990 and in 2007 joined RASC. He was trained to operate the telescopes at the Carr Astronomical Observatory and David Dunlap Observatory. He is a frequent contributor to SkyNews magazine, writes the Binary Universe column for the Journal, and proofreads the Observer’s Handbook. Blake built the Stellarium Training Series. A long-time member of the national observing committee, Blake was asked to be the interim chair in the summer of 2020. In daylight, Blake works in the Information Technology industry.