RASC Edmonton Regular Meeting: November 9, 2020

RASC Edmonton Online Meeting

Monday November 9th, 2020. 7:30 PM MST

Zoom Meeting Format. Use the link below to join the meeting.

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Meeting ID: 875 4699 6671

Featured Speaker: Dr. Brenda Matthews 

“Birth and evolution of debris disks: Windows into planetary systems”

Debris disks were identified relatively recently in astronomical terms, by the first all-sky infrared survey satellite IRAS. These interesting objects are continually created in planetary systems, both old and young, via collisions of comets and asteroids in orbit around stars.  The collisions create newly visible dusty disks, often detectable many millions of years after the dispersion of the protoplanetary disks which typify the youngest phases of star and planet formation.  I will describe what we understand about the origins, evolution and structure of these disks, as well as their role in planetary systems. Recent discoveries suggest they may be inexorably linked to the earliest phases of planet formation. Finally I will discuss some of the more esoteric examples of these disks which can show remarkable variability over relatively short periods of time.