Book of the Month October 2019

They Dance in the Sky: Native American Star Myths by Jean Guard Monroe, Ray A Williamson, Edgar Stewart (Illustrator)

From the Zuni of New Mexico, the Cherokee of the southeastern US, to the Iroquois Confederacy of the northeast, American native peoples saw in the night sky constellations markedly different than those mapped out by the Greeks and Arabs.  The stories told of these imaginative groupings are the basis of this 1987 book.  Individual chapters tell of the myths of first nations from a particular part of the North American continent.  At the conclusion of each chapter is a list of the tribe’s prominent stars and constellations and their western equivalents.  They Dance in the Sky takes us back to a time long ago when evenings were spent around a campfire with families marveling at these stories under black skies yet to be tainted with light pollution.
They Dance in the Sky will be available at the conclusion of the October 21st RASC meeting.  The Lamplighter Library is just off the main entrance to the Zeidler Dome and is open before and after our meetings.

Mark Zalcik