Book of the Month June 2019

Space Clouds – A Short Guide to Observing Noctilucent Clouds, and the Science Behind Them 

John Rowlands


How appropriate it is to highlight in the month of June a book about noctilucent clouds (NLC), that striking twilight phenomenon visible at our latitudes starting in June.  John Rowlands is an amateur astronomer on the northern coast of Wales.  Although about half a degree of latitude farther south than Edmonton, Rowland’s observing site is idyllic, with an expansive view north over the North Sea.  He is one of the most active European NLC observers, and in 2014 he published the e-book Space Clouds.  It can be found on Smashwords at:
In simple language, Rowlands explains the science behind the formation of NLC.  He goes on to instruct how to look for NLC and record details during a display.  A separate section describes how to photograph NLC.  Of interest is a section on an interesting aspect of NLC history: the possibility that the famous Angel of Mons seen by WWI British soldiers in 1914 could have been a bright display of NLC.
At a cheap price of $8.44US on Smashwords, Space Clouds is a great guide to help you get started on NLC observing!

Mark Zalcik