Book of the Month
April 2018

The Zoomable Universe
Caleb Scharf

If we take the standard measurement of one meter and look at real-world examples of what’s a meter long, we can think of many such candidates. A meter is a pretty convenient benchmark for us 1-2m tall humans. Now, if we start going in either direction by a power of 10, zooming progressively larger and smaller by exponents of one, we delve into some fascinating territory. A few exponents in the positive direction and we reach distances with which we amateur astronomers are familiar – the millions and billions of kilometers spanning the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. A few exponents in the negative direction and we enter the unseen realms of bacteria, wavelengths of light, and the components of atoms. Wonderfully illustrated, this 2017 book is a concise overview of the extremely large and small. For those who would like a distance-scale refresher course on the awe-inspiring, the mind-boggling, and the sometimes just plain-gross, please do keep in mind that this volume is now available at the Lamplighter Library.

The Lamplighter Library will not be accessible during the renovation of our usual meeting venue, the star theatre, but in the meantime a selection of books will be available outside the IMAX theatre before and after each meeting!

Mark Zalcik