Astro Café
Mar 21, 2018
Movie Night – The Universe: How Big, How Far, How Fast

The Universe
How Big, How Far, How Fast

  • If the Earth were the size of a basketball and the moon the size of a tennis ball, how far would it be from the basketball?
  • How fast is the Earth orbiting the Sun?
  • How much more would you weigh on a neutron star than on Earth?
  • How fast is the Sun going around the galaxy?
  • If the Milky Way were in Los Angeles, one hundred miles across, where would the Andromeda Galaxy be?

If these questions intrigue you, then this Astro Café is for you. We’ll watch the program “The Universe: How Big, How Far, How Fast”, a 45 minute program from 2012, that gives viewers a tangible grasp of the enormity of the universe. Models and comparisons give a perspective on the relative sizes of the largest nearby stars, the scale of the solar system and just how fast the speed of light is.

Featuring: Alex Filippenko (UC Berkeley), Laura Danly (Griffith Observatory), Greg Laughlin (UC Santa Cruz) and Clifford Johnson (USC).

After the show, we will have a short quiz. The winner will get a special prize!

Wednesday, Mar 21, 2018
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM   <– Please note the start time is later than usual.

Windsor Park Community League Hall*
11840 87 Ave

Members Only event.
All ages event – bring your budding astronomers wanting to know more!

* Note: Outside shoes are not permitted inside the hall.