Book of the Month
January 2018

On Tycho’s Island

John Robert Christianson

Tycho Brahe, the Danish nobleman and astronomer of the latter half of the 1500s, has been described as “the first competent mind in modern astronomy to feel ardently the passion for exact empirical facts”. The consummate observer, his observations were some five times more accurate than the best available observations at the time. This book explores his wide range of activities, based at his estate on the island of Hven, his research institute being Uraniborg. Tycho mastered at incorporating others into his program of cosmic reform, most notably Johannes Kepler. The book includes capsule biographies of Kepler and numerous other individuals who collaborated with Brahe up to the time of his death in 1601.

The Lamplighter Library will not be accessible during the renovation of our usual meeting venue, the star theatre, but in the meantime a selection of books will be available outside the IMAX theatre before and after each meeting!

Check out this book and hundreds of other books, at The Lamplighter Memorial Library, just off the entrance to the star theater.

Mark Zalcik