Book of the Month
October 2017

Color and Light in Nature
by David Lynch and William Livingston

The apparition depicted in the right image: what is it?

A. Spectre of the Bergschrund
B. Spectre of the Baaken
C. Spectre of the Brocken
D. Spectre of the Berezan
E. Spectre of the Broken

Find the answer in David Lynch’s and William Livingston’s book Color and Light in Nature. The book describes numerous skyward phenomenon of day and night, including weird shadows, rainbows, halos, and spectacles familiar to astronomers, like the aurora and zodiacal light.

The Lamplighter Library will not be accessible during the renovation of our usual meeting venue, the star theatre, but in the meantime a selection of books will be available outside the IMAX theatre before and after each meeting!

Check out this book and hundreds of other books, at The Lamplighter Memorial Library, just off the entrance to the star theater.

Mark Zalcik