Book of the Month
September 2017

Exploring the Southern Sky
by Svend Laustsen, Claus Madsen, and Richard M. West

From our latitude at 53N we catch a small number of constellations that are in the southern celestial sky. One of the books in our Lamplighter Library, Exploring the Southern Sky: A Pictorial Atlas from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) by Svend Laustsen, Claus Madsen, and Richard M. West, introduces us to the deep sky wonders gracing the austral skies. Published fully 30 years ago, the book is replete with photos taken by ESO’s telescopes at La Silla, a 2400m high mountain in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. Included with the book is a poster, over a metre long, showing a panorama of the entire Milky Way as it appears to a nighttime observer.

Check out this book and hundreds of other books, at The Lamplighter Memorial Library, just off the entrance to the star theater.

Mark Zalcik