Astro Café
March 15 , 2017
Astrophotography with BackyardEOS and AstroTortilla

Astrophotography with
and AstroTortilla

Presented by RASC members Kent Martens and Ken Gehring.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Windsor Park Community League Hall
11840 87 Ave

FREE Members only event.

Get the Most out of BackyardEOS

Kent Martens will present BackyardEOS, an image capture program for use on your laptop. It started out purely for Canon DSLRs but has now expanded to include Nikon. Connect your camera, define your target, establish time and ISO, figure out how many frames to capture, do Live View to frame and focus.  Do you want to know the temp of the sensor chip in your camera, do you want to record outside temp, humidity and dew point?  Would you like to do a drift alignment before you start shooting?  Do you want to record video, even from a camera that doesn’t do live view? All for $50 USD, BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon, from O’Telescope Corporation, based in Ottawa (the developer is Guylain Rochon).

Getting Things Lined Up With AstroTortilla

Ken Gehring will present AstroTortilla, a helper application that brings plate solving to your astrophotography workflow. With plate solving, AstroTortilla can on its own figure out where your telescope is pointed. This enables you to automatically and quickly do things like calibrate your GoTo tracking mount, GoTo any target with arcsecond accuracy and measure your polar alignment error. Ken will present how to use AstroTortilla with BackyardEOS: What you need before you start, Plate solving, Configuring the libraries, Getting the image to solve, Talking to your mount.

Members only event.