Book of the Month
November 2016

Night Sky Atlas by Robin Scagell

201611-nightskyatlasThis book was donated by Ala Borowska as a door prize to this year’s Northern Prairie Star Party and it will now take its place in our library!  Written for kids Grade 5 and up, this spiral-bound book is an introduction to astronomy and skygazing. An interesting feature are pictures of prominent constellations, each with a transparent overlay showing the outlines of the constellation as well as a drawing of, for example, the bear in Ursa Major. The book is laid out month by month showing the part of the sky best observed each month in both the northern and southern hemisphere. There are numerous sidebars with information on such things as biographies of famous astronomers. The included CD-ROM is an atlas that explains how to see and read the night sky.

Check out this book and hundreds of other books, at The Lamplighter Memorial Library, just off the entrance to the star theater.

Mark Zalcik