Astro Café
September 21, 2016
Eclipse Chase Like a Pro

Totality with Prominence, courtesy Krista Stefan (2016-03-09)

Astro Café – Eclipse Chase Like a Pro

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Windsor Park Community League Hall*
11840 87 Ave

FREE Members only event.

* Note: Outside shoes are not permitted inside the hall.

Krista Stefan, Eclipse Chaser

Krista Stefan, Eclipse Chaser

Presented by RASC member Krista Stefan.

You’ve seen the stunning pictures and heard the amazing, if sometimes harrowing, tales from those who have traveled to see a total solar eclipse. If you’ve thought you’d like to join the ranks of these shadow lovers, but have felt not quite up to the challenge of planning an eclipse trip, then this talk is for you! Rest assured, eclipse chasing can be as easy (or as complicated) as you’d like to make it. Veteran eclipse chaser Krista Stefan will use examples from her own experience to provide tips on finding out when and where to see a Total Solar Eclipse, how to go about planning for an eclipse trip, what you need to take with you, and perhaps most importantly why you would want to participate in this folly, er, fun.

For those who are planning to attend Jay Anderson’s talk at the Northern Prairie Star Party, note that this presentation is meant to complement that talk. A brief mention of his climatological forecasts will be made but will not be discussed in detail.

Eclipse Cruising