Awards for 2015
Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year
Paul Campbell

2015_project_of_the_year_awardOn Dec 7, 2014 this member posted his first solar image to the Astro List. It was start of a sustained project to photograph the Sun and map the positions and measure the sizes of solar features, in particular filaments. The project involved not only photographing the Sun but developing software to overlay a grid on the solar disk for positioning. Over the months of 2015, his processing of solar images improved steadily and he routinely posted many fine H-alpha images of the Sun, showing sunspots, active regions, prominences, filaproms, and even sequences of solar flares in progress. By October, he began posting videos of dynamic solar features in addition to near daily images. On Jan 2, 2016 he posted his year-in-review article summarizing the findings of 81 imaging sessions and measurements of 962 filament observations and the beginnings of a butterfly diagram for filaments. To me, this was a great project contributing to solar imaging and software to interpret the data embedded in the images, all reported on Astro as it progressed. I am happy to present the 2015 Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year award to Paul Campbell.