Astro Café
Sep 23, 2015
Observing Primer

When: Wed, Sep 23, 2015    19:00 – 21:00
Where: U of A Observatory, CCIS Building, 5th Floor

Are new to the astronomy hobby? Do you want to know more about observing with the club? Are you looking for a new observing program? Then come on out to this Astro Café. We’ll have an overview presentation on all types of observing and then have informal Q&A and discussion. Some experienced observers will be on hand to answer questions. We’ll even have a few small scopes in case the sky is clear.

This is the inaugural Astro Café – a monthly informal get together of RASC Edmonton Centre members to talk and even do astronomy. All Centre members are welcome. Some telescopes are often on hand, and we observe when conditions warrant. Each Café features a short presentation by a Centre member on a topic to stimulate discussion and learning among fellow members.

We are going to try out different venues for the first few Cafés to see how we like them. We’ll then pick a location that we can use on a regular basis.

The first 3 Astro Cafés are geared towards new members or members new to the astronomy hobby, but all members are welcome.

There will be snacks and juice available and a kettle for boiling water for tea. Please bring a reusable cup.

Members only event.