RASC EC Member in the Top Forty

In November 2014, Avenue Magazine unveiled the Top 40 Under 40 list, celebrating Edmonton’s best and brightest young leaders. The list includes Gregory Sivakoff, a stargazer intent on sharing his love for astrophysics – especially black holes, and who also happens to be an RASC member. Greg monitors 10 high-powered telescopes located across the United States to observe the interaction between black holes and surrounding stars.

Greg “believes that citizen scientists are able to contribute more than just enthusiasm to science.  In fact, he’s seen it. Last year, he was part of a team that was looking to determine the distance between Earth and binary star system SS Cygni. For two years, he worked with 180 international amateur astronomers, who reported behaviours of the star that resulted in a distance calculation and an article in Science. ‘We are funded by the public. And the way we say ‘thank you’ is by inspiring all in wonder,’ says Sivakoff. ”

See the full citation in Avenue Magazine.

Luca Vanzella