RASC Regular Meeting
Oct 20, 2014
Real Life on Fake Mars

20141020_HiSeasRASC Regular Meeting
TELUS World of Science
FREE and open to the public.

7:30 PM Guest Speaker

Ross Lockwood
Ph.D. Candidate in Condensed Matter Physics
University of Alberta

Real Life on Fake Mars

Mars seems tantalizingly close these days. With projects attempting to send humans to the Red Planet as early as 2023, public interest is growing daily. While Mars offers the promise of a second home for humanity, the technical challenges of getting there and back again are on a scale humanity hasn’t seen since humans first set foot on the moon. To solve these challenges, analog missions are being conducted around the world, replicating different environments and testing various aspects that will be critical to future missions. The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog & Simulation (HI-SEAS) is one such study. Situated on the desolate lava fields of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, I am among the few who have lived through a simulated 120-day surface mission.

20141020_Ross_LockwoodRoss Lockwood gave Nerd Nite Edmonton’s inaugural presentation back in October 2012 on the subject of Warp Drives, and has been a Nerd Nite addict ever since. As a PhD Candidate in Physics at the University of Alberta, Ross has been a fixture at science related events around Edmonton, especially involving the University of Alberta’s Observatory. With a background in experimental physics, MacGuyver-like skills, and a vast knowledge of how a single molecular defect in silicon works, Ross applied for and accepted the position of Chief Technologist and Systems Specialist with the HI-SEAS Mission 2A. After the completion of his Ph.D, he will direct his attention to sending cool stuff into space and building human-machine interfaces for future astronauts.