RASC Regular Meeting
Nov 18, 2013
Fine Science and Fine Art on the Prairie

20131118_freeman Guest Speaker:
Gordon Freeman
University of Alberta

Fine Science and Fine Art on the Prairie 5200 years ago, in a Calendar

Gordon Freeman’s abstract:

Genius existed on the Prairies 5200 years ago. Indians, not aliens.

Oxbow People in the territory now called southern Alberta created a vast Sun Temple, and an astounding calendar, 5200 years ago. It consists of a sort of spider’s web of stone groupings on the ground, which extends over an area of about 30 square kilometres. Some of the patterns of stones form a calendar that can be read and dated. The calendar is so accurate that it revealed a deception in our present-day Gregorian calendar! This Stone Age device was used until about three centuries ago, when Europeans invaded the territory. It was adjusted every 400 years or so, to account for the slow drift of the Sun cycle.

The ancient calendar artistically marks each separate year in the leap year cycle. The precision is amazing.

New discoveries at Stonehenge display its beautiful 4300-year-old calendar for the first time in history. It is the same calendar as the one in Alberta.