Awards for 2008
President’s Award for Service to the Centre
Orla Aaquist

2008_service_to_centreI started my term as president with a mutiny so it only seems fitting that I end it with a mutiny. For this award, the Award Committee had selected a potential candidate. I had someone else in mind. So I went behind the back of my own committee and chose the recipient of this award. The person I chose rather reluctantly joined Council several years ago. Despite his reluctance, he jumped into the duties rather than just slacking off until the term ended. He also signed up for several committees (including Black Nugget Lake Observatory, By-Laws, Web Site, and International Year of Astronomy committees) and even as chair for some and took on additional portfolio duties when there were obvious gaps in crucial spots. He has put much time and effort into making sure these committees and portfolios achieved their objectives. And despite the many frustrations he encountered in the process, he always seems to have a quip from his deadpan sense of humour at the ready.

So with a hearty har har, the President’s Award for Service to the Centre goes to Orla Aaquist.