Awards for 2008
Observer of the Year Award
Jnani Cevvel

2008_observer_of_the_yearThis year’s Observer of the Year is what can only be described as “dedicated”. He is a regular fixture at Blackfoot, working on his many observing projects. I had the honour of presenting him the Finest NGC Certificate in 2007, and in the past year he has completed 4 other certificates and is currently working on 4 others. The clincher for me, however, in considering him for this award was this e-mail that he posted to the astro list on December 21, 2008 (while most of us were either staying snug in our homes or preparing for Christmas:

“I got to Blkft. last night (Sat.) at 6pm. Humidity 35%, Temp -28C, no wind. Set up the tripod and 15×70 bino’s. Seeing 4/5 good. Transparency 3/5 average. Logged 8 Messier Bino objects. M33 was impressive. I was not successful with M77. Transparency went down hill and by 10pm was below average. Humidity did not change but the temp was at -30C. Left at 10:30pm.”

With this kind of dedication, there should be no doubt that Jnani Cevvel deserves the Observer of the Year award.