Awards for 2008
Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year
Web Page Committee

2008_project_of_the_year_1 Of all the projects underway in the past year, some were only in the early planning stages and others were either complete or have already been recognized by this award. There was one where a significant effort was put in by a group of people over the past couple of years with the results of this effort being presented to the membership early last year. In this case the project was one of re-design and re-building and I’ve heard many comments complimenting the results.

2008_project_of_the_year_2In recognition of the efforts put in to create the new design and organization of our web page I’d like to present the Franklin Loehde Award for Project of the Year to the Web Page Committee chaired by Howard Gibbins and with (in alphabetical order) Orla Aaquist, Harris Christian, Patrick Earl, Mark MacDonald, Bruce McCurdy, and Luca Vanzella as members.