Awards for 2008
Bryce Heartwell Memorial Award for Excellence in Astroimaging
Luca Vanzella

2008_astro_imager With the wealth of wonderful astrophotographers in the Edmonton Centre it is perhaps not surprising that the work of some of our members who do not put themselves forward might be missed. This member has shown a few of his photos in our meetings, but usually in tandem with other photographers so his personal achievement is underplayed. He specializes in lunar photography and solar events (eclipses and transits) as well as planetary conjunctions and atmospheric phenomena. Most of his photographs are not taken through a telescope and are wonderful examples of what can be done with just a camera and tripod (and in some cases some stitching software).

So it is my pleasure to award the Bryce Heartwell Memorial Award for Astrophotographer of the Year to Luca Vanzella.