Northern Prairie Star Party 2006

Public Talks at the Northern Prairie Star Party 2006

2006_Richard_Boyle Dr. Richard Boyle, (NASA Ames Research Center) spoke about “The Thrill and Challenges of Human Exploration – from Polar to Space Expeditions.”
 2006_Ian_Shelton Dr. Ian Shelton gave an overview of the construction and operation of the 8.2 m Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea (Hawaii), with which he was closely involved. Ian is best known as the discoverer of supernova SN1987a, the only naked eye supernova seen by anyone living today.
 2006_Bruce_McCurdy Bruce McCurdy (RASC Edmonton Centre) provided an enlightening explanation of the lunar standstill.
 2006_Dwight_Hansen Dwight Hansen (RASC Edmonton Centre) gave us a run down of his 10″ ultraportable Genstar telescope that he designed.