Northern Prairie Star Party

An Amateur Astronomy Gathering
Presented by the RASC Edmonton Centre

Sep 3-8, 2013
Black Nugget Lake

10th Anniversary!

Public Talks on Sep 7, 2013

Join us for an unforgettable autumn weekend under the stars. Bring your telescope and your sense of wonder for stargazing under seriously dark skies.

Daytime activities abound - the site is located on a major fall migration flyway and offers exceptional birding opportunities. Lakeshore campsites are available, with canoeing and fishing at your doorstep.

While bright lights of any kind are not allowed after dark in the Star Party area since they immediately destroy fellow astronomers' dark adaptation, a separate location is available for campers wanting to use bright lights at night.

Access to the site is entirely by paved road about an hour from Edmonton, making this an easy way to join fellow amateur astronomers for some autumn observing at a convenient dark sky site. So mark your calendar and don't miss this exciting opportunity to view the splendours of the fall night sky.

It is highly recommended that star party attendees reserve a campground site as soon as possible (starting April 1) by calling the campground at 780-663-2421 and stating that they are with Northern Prairie Star Party. The layout of Black Nugget Lake Campground (complete with site numbers and amenities) can be found on the site photo.

For further information please contact .